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My Dogs - My Team: Team Members


Joyful Hugo of Philchris

Riley is a lover of life. He is a happy, good tempermented, hard working dog. He loves his job with a passion and has talent with it. Riley is a bold and confident dog yet gentle and loving in the home. He picks up throughout the season and is a delight to work.  

Riley has been successful in Working Tests with around 25 awards. He picks up during the shooting season and loves it. 

Riley has been very lucky with the ladies and has produced healthy happy puppies that are achieving in all areas. One of his sons is now a FTCH in South Africa of which I am really proud.

Riley is a fully health tested dog with excellent EBV's and a 2021 eye certificate.

Riley is truly a dog in a million, 



FTW Roughbeat Serafina of Philchris

Saffi is a delightful dog. She is a real character with a zest for life. Saffi is also a very clever bitch with a good work ethic and great game finding ability. 

Saffi has won a Novice Field Trial along with a number of Open Working Test awards, Saffi picks up throughout the shooting season and is a great game finding dog. 

Saffi is a well made bitch and is fully health tested

Hips 4/3

Elbows: 0/0,

Eyes: Clear (07/120),

PRA1&2: Clear,

prcd-PRA: Clear, 

ICT: Clear

Excellent EBV's



FTW Gospelash Hot Eddie of Philchris

Eddie is my 4 year old and is a son of Riley (Mum is Tammy - Nordenlights Cheyenne of Gospelash).

Eddie is a very happy, lively dog with a good head on him. He is fast and stylish and loves to work. He is very brave and is confident on any terrain. He is a great game finding dog with a very big nose.  


Eddie has continued with his successes this year. 

He has gained 6 Field Trial Awards this season including a 2nd in an All Aged and Open (AV). Eddie has also been awarded 2 guns choice in Novice and Open.



Philchris Run Rusky

After careful selection, looking for temperament, natural ability, drive and health tests, I drove to Germany for the mating with Rusky's mum Saffi.  

Rusky is now just over 2 years of age and is showing his love for his job. He has been picking up this season with a great nose on him. He is very stylish especially when hunting. 

I look forward to Rusky's future



Wish for Jack of Philchris

Logie is my latest addition to the Philchris team. I took Logie on when he was 7 months old and he is nearly 2 years of age.  

Logie is a cheeky, high drive dog with loads of pace and style. Logie will take time to mature however he loves his training. 

I will see how he turns out in the future.



Kitehill Kirriemore Mabel

Mabel is my husbands dog and she is 7 months of age. I have the pleasure of training Mabel and I really like what I see, Lovely temperament, clever and lots of drive. Mabel will be a lot of fun I think.



Trewater Cherwell

Caspar, named after a king, was my starter dog. He is now 13.5 years of age and still enjoys life to the best he can. 
Caspar won out of novice in Scotland and went on to win an Intermediate Working Test and compete in open. Caspar also picked up for 6 years and was an excellent team member. 
He is affectionately known as 'The White One' in the gundog world and made a lot of friends. He is a true gentleman.

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