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Helping You Help Your Dog

Embrace will restart again in October 2023. Concentrating on Golden Retrievers

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, and I believe it’s never too late to train any pet or gundog. My services are designed with you and your dog in mind, and I believe in working as much with you as with your animal. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction my clients, and their dogs, come away with every time


Puppy Training

Building that bond with your puppy.

Helping your puppy settle into its new home and learning together can be fun. From toilet training to the basics they need in life can be a daunting time for both the new owner and the puppy. I can provide you with the skills you need to help settle your puppy into your home and what to work on for the first few months. These skills will help your puppy grow into a well balanced pet.

Dog Training

Helping you with the basics.

Taking your beloved pet out for a walk should be a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Walking on a loose lead, coming back when called and being able to stay still when asked can be enough for you to enjoy your walks more.  I can help you improve your loose lead walking with some simple techniques, show you how to increase the power of your recall and keeping your dog still at key times during the walk. In addition, feed time problems, down-stay, leave and games will help enhance your puppies well-being.


A positive approach to gundog training.

Do you want to do something a little bit more specific to your gundog breed. Maybe you would like to train your pet to retrieve so you can have some fun when out on a walk. Maybe you would like a dog to take picking up. Maybe you would like to enter a Working Test. Using kind, positive methods that helps the dog achieve (rather than failure) and learn in a non-confrontational environment, I can help you gain skills to improve your dogs natural abilities.
Short in-house training stays can also be arranged.

Don’t wait - try any of my services today and give your dogs the tools they need to reach their highest potential.

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