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2021 - 2022

What a wonderful year it has been for Embrace. So much has happened this year.

There were times this year where Covid played a big part as to whether any form of training could take place however following the guidelines Embrace has had a busy year,

I have moved grounds to the benefit of all.

I now run my puppy classes and pet training in a new field in Droxford where parking is on site.

I have been fortunate to secure new Gundog training ground in Selborne that has helped dogs and handlers progress.

I have run training holidays in Scotland, away days in Hertfordshire, Wiltshire and private group training days.

I have seen some clients go and compete for the first time and I am exicted to see how they get on in 2022

This year has also been a great competing year for me. Rusky, the dog I bred came out and won the SEGS Special Puppy - his first chance at competition, Eddie, having been placed in a Field Trial in 2020 had to run in Open Working Tests this summer. I did manage to run in a couple and each Open he ran in he was placed. Then Shooting Season was upon us and Eddie has proved himself over and over again. he has been placed in 6 Field Trials, winning a novice and taking a 2nd in the SWGRC Open (AV) field trial.

All his training has been reward based.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I really cannot thank all those that come to Embrace for training. From those who want to have a bit of fun with their dogs to those that want to compete - it has been an absolute pleasure watching you all. Heres to a great 2022

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