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Tutorial Taster

During these difficult times we wonder how we can keep our dogs movitived when we are unable to get out and about. Training classes are all cancelled and we cannot meet up with friends to train our dogs or just have a nice walk. Maybe we only have a small garden and really struggle with trying to think of things to do. Well this is a fantastic time to revisit those basics, maybe learn some new skills and rekindle that link with our dogs.

To help keep my groups and new enthusiast busy, I can now offer online training and video tutorials to help keep you all busy. Tutorial videos can be structured for specific behaviours for all your basics for your pets and your gundogs, set pieces for those young dogs and some fun games. Telephone support is also available.

Costs range from £10.00 - £20.00 depending on content. Below is a video that I created as a taster of what you will receive. Why not contact me to book a tutorial and keep yourselves busy during these times.

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